My name is Belinda Capol, I’m a self-taught fine artist, designer and musician with Swiss-Danish heritage. My passion for the arts goes way back. Growing up, I have always had an inquisitive mind, full of ideas. Ever since I was young, I loved to make people smile by drawing comics, and painting colorful pictures to give as little gifts to friends & family. Colors have always fascinated me, I love the way they change when you mix them, the way they make you feel when you look at them. I used to draw and paint realistic art, but for me, the process is just too logical. You look or think of a subject and then use your mind to “copy” that subject onto paper or canvas, and that’s why I turned to abstract art.


Expressing my emotions through different art forms has always been the way I coped with challenges in my life. One way was through music. Being a professional vocalist for many years, whether on stage, tv or in the studio writing songs, music was always a great outlet for my emotions, however, with a mind constantly overflowing with ideas, I also had a strong urge to be creative in other ways too, especially through painting and drawing. So music, arts, crafts and cooking became my world.


Everything changed when I had three beautiful kids. I dedicated my time to my family and had to put my own interests on hold. These times, while rewarding, were very taxing and traumatic for a variety of reasons. During these very stressful times, painting was a way for me to escape into my own world, placing all of my emotions into my artwork. Today, after a long rollercoaster ride healing from an abusive relationship, I am now in a new phase of my life where I can dedicate my time to what I love doing the most, and I can’t wait to share my upcoming projects with you. 


Having lived in different countries, I was lucky to have experienced many beautiful places on this earth with its stunning landscapes, which is very inspiring. Whenever I take a walk in nature, especially the woods and the ocean, or in a city, I always notice the amazing colors that surround us every day. The sun-kissed clouds in the blue sky, beautiful birds and vibrant colors in the flowers and trees take my imagination by storm. Even at night, strolling along a waterfront, seeing the city lights sparkle in the river or lake is so beautiful. Depending on the time of day and how the light falls on them, colors can change their tones and with it our mood changes too. The beauty of colors and their healing effects have always fascinated me and that's why they are all an integral part of my artwork. 

“Bring the healing power of colors into your life"

Before I start to paint, I center myself to be present in the moment. I empty my mind, let my feelings take over, and my intuition instinctively knows what colors I’m gravitated towards.  The amazing thing about painting abstracts is that no one ever knows in advance what it will become.

I believe that all forms of art come from deep within one's soul and reflect one's feelings and emotions. If my artwork moves you, or stirs positive emotions deep within you, then I am truly honored.